Monday, January 25, 2010

Back to School, Back to School

To the first of faithful followers:

Spring semester classes commenced here at Trinity all of eight hours ago! 

Off to a great start with a schedule full of english courses, and thus far inspired and inspiring professors. Due to the combination of class work, track & field, and my position as arts editor of our school's weekly newspaper, my blog posts will be once weekly for the next few months but don't be disheartened! This should only aid their quality, and I'll be attending a bunch of great art happenings per the Tripod and will have a multitude of rockin things to share. 

My next post will be up tomorrow (or at this point, later today) - a review of a wonderful Marblehead store that's truly one of a kind. 

Going forward, Sunday will be the regular day for updates beginning this Sunday, so two going up this week. Check in then, or at your leisure throughout the week, for reviews of New England shows and shops, as well as nationwide reviews of movies, books, and albums. 

Thanks again for your support and interest! And the blog will be updated daily again come May. Remember to check out my next article later today and beyond that, Sunday's the day!

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