Friday, January 15, 2010

Why Blog?

I love writing. I love movies, books, music, clothes. I love dancing and my friends and my family. But I love writing in a way that’s distinct from everything else. Maybe I love writing the way I love air, a sort of unconscious appreciation for sustaining my livelihood. I’ve always written. There’s a chest in my room that holds all of my journals. The first one is covered in gem stones (not so much covered as sprinkled with after the years) that I glued on when I was in the third grade. The topics I seem to have been most impassioned about at the time include the fad of girls mummifying themselves in Ace Bandages whenever they got a paper cut, the goal being to receive sympathy and Sharpied signatures in class; “SO annoying!”. I had nearly as serious a problem with Mad Minutes, requiring that I complete 20 long division problems in the space of 60 seconds. Eternally an English girl. That chest filled quickly since that first sparkly endeavor into journaling, and is now full of a multitude of the sacred books: some expensive and boasting embroidered or bedazzled bindings, others Five Star Five Subject notebooks, covered in collages of middle and high school memories. 

        So back to the original question and the title of this post, why blog? I’ve been called opinionated once or twice. I’ve also been called particular. Art forms dictate so much of the motion of my life: the power of a beautifully crafted novel, the rush of a thrilling concert, new favorite CDs played ad nauseam vs. newly worshipped dresses, worn only once. And as deeply as I appreciate these genres, I appreciate my thoughts on each of them as well. Or at least, I’d like to appreciate my thoughts on each of them. Because I have many, though thus far they sit mostly in the chest in my room or the one in my head. But now, with the introduction of this blog, all these thoughts, and hopes, and disappointments, and ecstasies, they’ll exist in cyberspace, too. Kind of like the community chest in Monopoly, except instead of charging you property taxes, they’ll hopefully guide other lovers of the word to the best your area has to offer. So in short, why blog? Well, in part because getting this across in typing might save me some money on Tylenol if its no longer bouncing rowdily around my brain. But primarily, because of you.