Saturday, January 16, 2010

Diamond in the Roost - Salem Boutique Expands Possibilities for Taste on a Budget

You know that beautiful little boutique? The one tucked away on a quiet side street (preferably cobblestone), with the tasteful window hangings and the to die for hand made picture frames, antique home decor, and gem colored vases gleaming enticingly in subtle sunlight? You know how that artfully done up window is as close as you get to any of that little boutique’s treasures, because the first sight of a price tag might send you into cardiac arrest? Well eaters of Kashi and other heart-health conscious shoppers, say goodbye to the days of lonely sidewalks and enter the warmth of Roost. This diamond in the center of historic downtown Salem arrived on November 6th and has already created a sizable and ever growing buzz due to a rare combination of the traditional and the nouvelle. Add this to the ever rarer reasonable price point and looks like we might have a serious revolutionary on our hands. 


Owners and spouses Kate Leavy and Jamie Metsch created Roost with a clear goal in mind: “[We wanted] a place where someone could walk in, spend ten or twenty dollars, and feel like they got a good value”. From the acid toned flowers that adorn the windows to the earth toned house wares within, there’s nary a vase, bowl, or hip table accessory that doesn’t reek of casual elegance and a modern appreciation for antique sensibility. The shop’s full appellation “Roost Urban Country Design” is a perfect fit. The worn wooden armoires that line the back walls, adorned with sunny colored pitchers, neatly stacked decorative wine bottles, and beautifully illustrated home decorating books (one of which I purchased as a family Christmas gift at a shockingly good price) immediately bring to mind a city loft with a country tinge or a suburban home with a sprinkling of mod flavor. Leavy stocks the store with merchandise “..inspired by color, texture; things that are different with something for everyone”. From parents to college students, kids to the elderly, it seems hardly plausible that Roost wouldn’t be a hit across the board. 

Kate was scheduled to interview for a job one Friday. The Thursday before she proposed to husband, Jamie, that they open a store and run it independently instead; his response: “Let’s do it”. It’s been done. The ownership matches the vendibles in both taste and quality: “Jamie and I are all about recreating ourselves while creating value in our lives”. It looks like a mission well accomplished, and they were thoughtful enough to provide us with some great values while they were at it. 

Roost is located at 40 Front Street in Salem, Massachusetts and is open daily with the exception of Tuesday. 


  1. great post! thanks so much and best wishes on your fun and informative blog...roost

  2. all the shops on front street "artist row" are worth a visit; here u will find beads, quilts, plants, gifts, chocolate, coffee, yarn, needlepoint, hair and fashion.